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Relationships: Troubleshoot relationship problems by remotely viewing them... even before they develop... sense the other person's needs and wants so that you can respond appropriately.

     Use Remote Viewing to detect the invisible barriers they have erected, old wounds you may have forgotten... or not even know about, misunderstandings that have never been adequately resolved. Then use Remote Influencing to establish rapport at deep, inner levels... and watch the changes that take place at the outer level.

Parents: You can use Remote Influencing to reach your children at a deep inner level where they know you are telling them the truth, that what you are telling them really is in their best interest. That's what school teacher Marie Buckingham did.

     *There will be people in your child's peer group wanting him to join a gang. How good do you want your Remote Influencing ability to be? How important will it be then?

     *Somebody is going to try to get one of your children to try drugs. Four of their friends will be there, calling them "chicken" and trying to get them to try it. How important will your powers of Remote Influencing be at that instant? How valuable will they be?

     *Somebody is going to pressure your teenage daughter to try sex - unprotected sex. This could be a life-and-death decision that you are making today when you decide whether to develop your powers of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. Don't you hope that it is not happening right now!

Education: Remote viewing and remote Influencing can revolutionize education.

     *Your children's grades affect how they live, how much money they earn, the social circles they are admitted to, and what their lives are like for the next 70 years. How important is it to learn where they are falling short, and to influence them to apply themselves and make good grades?

     *Jose Silva learned how to use the alpha brain wave level to make stronger impressions of information on brain neurons, and how to do a better job of retrieving that information. That's valuable. He also taught us how to use remote viewing to detect any information we need even if it is on somebody else's brain neurons. There is no way to place a value on that.

     *You can do more than detect the facts stored on some else's brain neurons. You can also learn how they applied that information, and the results they got. In other words, you can learn from their experiences, and apply them to your own situation. This, Jose Silva said, is wisdom... using other people's experiences as if they were your own.

     *How important is it to teach your children Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing? Imagine how it will help them when they are interviewing for a job, negotiating a salary, seeking a promotion and a raise, when they are contributing their ideas, when they are out talking to customers, when they are choosing a spouse.

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