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How this web site is organized:
     At the top of each page is a Navigation Bar. It is like a roadmap to help you explore all of the features of this web site.
     The navigation bar at the top of this page is like an Interstate Highway. It shows "Exits" to all of the Main Pages in the web site. Those pages are your gateway to a wealth of information on many topics.
     Those pages along the "highway" are like off-ramps to small communities, where you will meet interesting people and share their adventures with them. Simply move your mouse along the "highway" to the "exit ramp" of your choice. Then click your mouse button and you are ready to explore the "community" and meet some fascinating people. You will find links and, on most of the main pages, an index.
     Once you exit the Main Pages to explore information on other pages within that neighborhood, the information on the Navigation Bar will change. The new links will be like "street signs" to guide you to the specific information that is of the most interest and benefit to you.
     There are a couple of easy ways that you can return to the main highway:
     You can use the Back button on your browser to retrace your steps.
     And at the bottom of every page, you will find links to the Home Page, and to all of the Main Pages along the "highway." Just click on the name of any page to go back to it, and continue your exploration of the web site.
     Many of the articles on this web site contain links to related information and individuals that you might want to know more about. After clicking on any of those links, you can use the Back Button on your browser to take you back to the previous page so you can continue your reading. You can also use the Links to the Main Pages at the bottom of the page to return back to the Top Level of the web site, and resume your exploration from there.
     There is also a site index, where you can look up specific topics, names of people who are mentioned - or who have authored articles on this web site.
Your comments appreciated
     While we've been training psychics for many decades, we're still new at this web site business, so we welcome your comments and suggestions. If you run into any difficulty navigating the site, or have any suggestions to improve it, or any requests for additional information you'd like to see on the site, please let us know. Oh, by the way: We love to get compliments too, if you think we deserve them.
     Thank you for taking time to visit the site. We hope that you continue to grow and benefit as you develop your ESP and use it to obtain guidance and help to fulfill your mission in life.
Intellectual Property Rights

     We have endeavored to make sure that we have the right to use all of the material that appears on our web sites. Some of it we developed ourselves, some we purchased, some has been donated, some was offered royalty free. If you are aware of anything on any of our web sites that belongs to someone else, please let us know and we will look into it immediately. Thank you.  
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