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Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System Home Seminar available at www.SilvaCourses.com

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Jose Silva's Holistic Faith Healing Home Study Course available at www.SilvaCourses.com

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Health: With Remote Viewing you can detect heath problems and threats to your health, and then take action both physically and mentally - Remote Influencing - to protect your health - restore and maintain optimum health for yourself and your loved ones.

     While your doctor works from the outside in with physical medicine, you help by working from the inside out. Doctors and drugs help the body to heal itself; they keep you alive and provide an environment that permits your body to correct the malfunctions. You can speed up the process in yourself, and in others.                

Powerful research proves the effectiveness of Distant healing:

     * Larry Dossey, M.D. wrote in his book Healing Words about a project involving heart patients in a California hospital. Half of the patients were prayed for by prayer groups - without the patients' knowledge, the other half not. Those who were prayed for showed significant improvement compared to the control group. This demonstration of Remote Influencing for health was so persuasive that a physician who had written a book debunking "faith healing" acknowledged that this was very solid research, and that maybe doctors should be prescribing it. "If it works, it works," he said.

     *Polygraph expert Cleve Backster stunned himself and the world back in 1966 when he hooked up his lie detector to a plant to see if he could get a reaction. "What can I do to cause stress in the plant?" he wondered. He decided to burn a leaf... and the polygraph showed a dramatic "panic" reaction... when Backster thought about burning the leaf. During the last 35 years, Backster and many other scientists have demonstrated that all life - including your body's own cells - reacts to your thoughts and emotions. You are using Remote Influencing on your own body every minute of the day, whether you know it or not! Learn how to use it to protect yourself, prevent problems, and to achieve what you want.

     *Clancy McKenzie, M.D., a long-time consultant to Jose Silva, tells how he programs to have dreams that contain information to help him diagnose and prescribe treatment for medical problems. This "Psychic diagnosis" is a powerful form of Psychic Persuasion for health.

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