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Avlis Productions produces and markets products based on Jose Silva world famous mind training systems

To contact Katherine Watson, Victor Kovens, Ed Bernd Jr., or anyone else at Avlis Productions please use the link above to open a Support Tricket, or the form on the right to send us an email

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     Please feel free to email us, call, write, or fax for information about live seminars and home study courses on Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP Systems, Jose Silva's Holistic Faith Healing System, and more. Also send your questions about using these systems. Thank you.

     For information on UltraMind ESP Systems course locations and schedules anywhere in the world, please contact us:

Katherine Watson, President,
Avlis Productions Inc.

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     Silva Method seminars are available worldwide. Home study courses are also available for your convenience.

For more Silva Courses please visit www.SilvaCourses.com

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