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The comprehensive Instructor Training Program includes live instruction, followup support, and recordings of Jose Silva and several of his closest associates guiding you to achieve success as a Silva UltraMind ESP System Instructor

Jose Silva fulfilled his life's mission when he created the UltraMind ESP System shortly before his passing. Now you can join this movement at the ground floor and teach people how to use intuition to make better decisions, and how to obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence to fulfill the purpose we were sent here for

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Instructors, promoters, and entrepreneurs needed for the UltraMind ESP System

     Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System is the last course developed by Jose Silva, the course he called "the ultimate of the ultimate." It is the culmination of his more than 50 years of research and experience, and there are already signs and results from students that confirm that it is the best course to help people develop their own natural intuitive ability.
     People just like you are getting direct guidance, using remote viewing, experiencing intuition just like the "professional psychics" by using what they learned from the UltraMind ESP System.
     This course is the culmination of Jose Silva's 55 years of research and experience that made him the world's Number One researcher in the field of intuition and ESP.
     You can use your natural intuitive abilities to help you make better decisions to correct... and even prevent... problems in all areas of your life, including health, relationships, business, and more.
     And the best new is: You can actually teach it to others! Yes, Jose Silva created a system that people just like you can use to actually teach others to bring out their natural God-given talents and abilities.
     Many instructors are needed to bring the UltraMind ESP System to as many people as possible so that they too can learn to help themselves by using their intuitive ability. If you are interested in helping humanity, this is a great way to do it.

The second phase of human evolution
     The timing for training more people to use UltraMind is just right. We are at the beginning of the second phase of human evolution. The consciousness of the planet is changing.
     More and more people have a greater awareness and are now more interested than ever in developing their intuitive mind. They also want to learn, and will pay you to teach them how to use their own intuition to receive guidance and support from higher intelligence.
     The right timing is now. The UltraMind book and the Nightingale Conant home study system are providing plenty of exposure. This is a new program that is just expanding. Remember that those who become involved in the beginning have the best opportunity.

Me? Teach intuition?
     Jose Silva learned that every one of us has our own internal equipment and talent to be a fully functioning intuitive by using our own innate ability... our own "UltraMind."
     Once humanity understood this, it was time for him to design the kind of course he always wanted to teach: To simply give people access to their own intuitive ability, their own ESP, and show them how to use it to "make the rest of your life, the best of your life."
     Then he arranged the class so that virtually anyone, once they have developed their own ESP, can learn to teach it, and can guide others to also teach it.

Create your own opportunities
     As an independent UltraMind ESP System Instructor you will have the opportunity to present this course to thousands throughout the United States without restriction of territory, or you can just teach it locally to those many people just like you who have always wanted to develop and use their own intuitive abilities. International opportunities are also available.
     This will be your own business. You will determine how much time and effort to invest, based on all the excitement and the thrill of turning out graduates who begin immediately to make their lives, and the lives of their families, better.

UltraMind stands apart from all the rest
     Jose Silva created the UltraMind ESP System in 1997 and 1998, shortly before his passing. It concentrates solely on the new System. Mr. Silva considered it so vital and important that he spent the last years of his life developing a way for one person to teach ESP to thousands.
     Avlis Productions works closely with Jose Silva Jr., Trustee of Jose Silva's Estate.
     We are dedicated to continuing what Jose Silva began, and doing it the way that his research found to be best. We will not permit anyone to change his work to cater to popular trends and fads. His research has stood the test of time, and we are staying true to it.

     For information about our new Instrucor Trainining and Support System please visit:

For more Silva Courses please visit www.SilvaCourses.com

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