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Career: Do you want a better job? A raise? Something more meaningful, interesting, and satisfying to do? How about your own business? More customers? Bigger sales? Better employees? Better working conditions?

     First, use Remote Viewing to detect problem areas, then Remote Influencing to convince others that you have the solution.

     Use Remote Viewing to detect the information that will help you to do a better job... whatever your job is... and wherever the information is. Once you determine the things that need to be done, use Remote Influencing to help you implement them.

Buying: Use Remote Viewing to find the best product or service, the best vendor to establish a relationship with... and then use Remote Influencing to help establish a relationship that will be mutually beneficial for years to come.

Selling: Would it help you to be able to mentally detect what your prospect's real wants and needs are... to read their thoughts, so to speak? Would it help you to be able to put a thought into your prospect's mind?

     You can use Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing to reach them at a deep inner level where they know you are telling them the truth, that what you are offering them really is in their best interest.

     Neutralize negativity from your prospect and in your prospect's mind; neutralize "negative generators" who are trying to sabotage the sale for their own selfish reasons.

Taking action: You can learn to Remotely View what a person wants, and then use Remote Influencing to motivate them to go ahead and take action, to do what is right... to close the sale, to sign the agreement, to provide the information they've promised you, to pay a debt they owe you.

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