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Are you a Natural Psychic ...and don't know it? Probably...Most people are...

     Just imagine the possibilities...if you could actually sense what other people are thinking, what their real wants and needs are, what their real concerns are, and just imagine if you could actually influence their thinking and influence them to take a specific action.

     Many of us have done this in the past. Think back: When you were young and in school, did you ever sit down, with a group of friends perhaps, and stare at somebody across the room until they looked up and turned around to see who was watching them?

     If you haven't done that, give it a try. Most people have probably done that.

     We can actually influence someone else - with our thoughts - to do something we want them to do!

      To determine if you have natural psychic abilities like most people have, take this simple test. (Click here now to see how much psychic ability you already have)

     Can you learn to control your clairvoyant abilities and use them reliably, when you need them?

     Sure you can.

     You can learn on your own, through the "trial and error" method. It takes time to develop this ability.

     There are also courses available, authored by a scientist named Jose Silva, that will teach you to use your psychic ability whenever you need it, and teach you this in as little as two days!


     Can we really back up such a big claim?

     Yes we can.

     That was clearly demonstrated by research conducted by Dr. J. W. Hahn, who was director of the Mind Science Foundation at the time. He conducted a survey of 10,000 Silva graduates to help persuade the board of Mind Science Foundation to open their laboratories to Jose Silva.

     They wanted to know whether this lay scientist, who had no degrees, actually had any valid science or not.

     The respondents by a rating of 94 percent said they'd had an increase in psychic experiences after the course.

     Silva always offered a guarantee: Anyone who does not have several psychic experiences at the end of the class, where you can sense information with your mind, that is not available to your physical senses, and be perhaps 80 percent accurate, you can have a refund of all money paid.

     How many ask for refunds?

     Fewer than 1 percent. In fact, not even a half a percent!

     That's what Dr. Hahn found in his research: When they were asked, after taking the class - some people more than two years after taking the course - 99.6 percent were satisfied with the results they had gotten.

     What about those people who were not satisfied, and those who did not report continued psychic experiences?

     Without support, some people do not continue to practice; they do not have somebody to ask questions of, to encourage them, etc. So when they are asked about successes, they have not had them...due to the lack of support. Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System provides many kinds of support to those who learn the system.

Success is typical

     While most self-improvement courses parade out their very best graduates - and are required by law to include the "small print" that these results are not typical - we are different: These are our typical graduates, and these results are typical!

     Consistently they got those results, whether they are young or old, children or adults, sr. citizens, males or females, no matter what their occupation, no matter what their religious beliefs, no matter the amount of education they had, no matter what language they speak, no matter what country they live in, the research has always been consistent.

     They learned to use their intuition regularly, reliably, and consistently... and you can too... guaranteed... or your money back.

     Fair enough?

     To learn how to fully develop your ESP, and how you can use Jose Silva's powerful MentalVideo Technique to obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence, please visit SilvaShop.com. Thank you.

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